Unfaithful No More.

  I was with Lisa when it happened I was banging her. Her tits bouncing I was so close to cuming in her tight pussy when the pain gripped my nuts. I fell out of her pussy and on to the floor. She was lying on the bed her legs spread and her pussy dripping and I was on the floor screaming in agony. “ Jake What's Wrong?” That is all I can remember Lisa screaming at me as I grabbed my nuts moaning  in agony. It was only when the pain passed and my dick stayed rock hard that I was able to stand up. I wiped away a tear of pain as I stood up shaky on my legs. I was confused scared and shocked the pain had gone but I couldn't quite work out what had just happened to me.  Lisa was now sat up on the bed. Her legs still spread her pussy still so tempting my dick painfully hard. I was confused as to what had happened. She screamed. “Jake what happened to your balls?” She squealed and then started to laugh. “Oh Fuck Jake your nuts have gone.” “ What the fuck are you talking


  “ We can't keep doing this?” I say. “ Why? Its fun. We both get a real kick out of it and it is not like we are doing anyone any harm.” Griffin says to me. “ We are both cheating on our girlfriends. You going to tell Penny about this. I look at Griffin and he smiles. “No but she isn't going to find out is she?” “ Look give me it here. I will have it.” He says and grabs the CJ out of my hand. “ Hey it was my turn.” I say “ Too late. You snooze you lose besides Neil. You need the practice remember.” He says handing me the bottle of CJ back. “ Fuck You.” I laugh. … ....... Penny and Claudia were friends for years I was dating Claudia for about 9 months when I first met Griffin who was Penny's boyfriend. While I didn't really care too much for Penny who seemed like a clone of Penny and one of those was enough I did hit it off immediately with Griffin. Which was good because the girls liked to spend a lot of time together and it just made social