Unfaithful No More.


I was with Lisa when it happened I was banging her. Her tits bouncing I was so close to cuming in her tight pussy when the pain gripped my nuts. I fell out of her pussy and on to the floor. She was lying on the bed her legs spread and her pussy dripping and I was on the floor screaming in agony.

Jake What's Wrong?” That is all I can remember Lisa screaming at me as I grabbed my nuts moaning  in agony.

It was only when the pain passed and my dick stayed rock hard that I was able to stand up. I wiped away a tear of pain as I stood up shaky on my legs. I was confused scared and shocked the pain had gone but I couldn't quite work out what had just happened to me. 

Lisa was now sat up on the bed. Her legs still spread her pussy still so tempting my dick painfully hard. I was confused as to what had happened. She screamed. “Jake what happened to your balls?” She squealed and then started to laugh. “Oh Fuck Jake your nuts have gone.”

What the fuck are you talking about you dumb bitch.” I said but I caught a glimpse of myself in her full length bedroom mirror. My low hanger eggs size nuts had gone. My dick straight up hard as hell exposed the now flat empty smooth patch beneath my rigid dick.

What the fuck?” I screamed. “My Fucking Nuts? What they fuck?” I was torn between confusion, panic, rage and humiliation. I grabbed at the empty space below my dick.  

Lisa starts laughing but not for long. The pain from earlier suddenly changes and I turn around and face her my rock hard dick pointing straight at her and then I cum. My dick explodes, a massive blast of hot spunk lands on her tits.

“Oh my god.” She says. “But another blast hits her this one reaches her belly and another and another. My cock is gushing blast after blast of baby batter splatters her now landing on her legs. My legs give way and I fall back to my knees. I grab my cock but it carries on non stop shooting. It feels amazing blast after blast of nut butter it is almost becoming too much. 

I can't control my own dick. It is fiercely hard and shooting non stop. I grab it but it still carries on pumping out spunk everywhere until it stops and then I feel it sort of tug and pulse. At first I just kneel panting but Lisa who is still sat there looks at me and says. “Jake you dick I think it is shrinking. It's got real thin.”

I look down at my dick and it has lost any sort of girth it looks thin like a pen, my piss hole is the only thing that seems bigger but it looks ridiculous. “What the fuck.” I tug at it but it shrinks down to about 5 inches, then 4. I scream and cry and tug but it pulls up again and again. “No Jesus fuck no! What the fuck!” I scream as it tugs again. It slips between my fingers and flush against my body. I look at Lisa who laughs.

Help me bitch.” I scream.

Then I feel the skin around it plump up, a strange pulsing forms over the top of my skin a strange small button of flesh but that is soon engulfed in between what seem like flaps of skin and then I feel a strange tear, my skin feels like Velcro and I feel a strange poof of air and then a squelching fart noise as I feel warm liquid pour out of me. I look down it looks like mucus and reddish piss flowing out the flaps of my skin. I know instantly that I have a pussy.

Ha!! Jake. I wondered who was fucking Lisa and drinking my fucking Beer.” I turn around and Lisa's husband Dean is there. Laughing. Lisa has stopped laughing and I am crying. I have been cunted. 


I wake up. I slept on the sofa and Poppy my wife is moving around the kitchen. I can hear her up and around. My head pounds. I feel a strange dampness between my legs not the rock hard feeling of morning wood. I remember what happened. I have a fucking cunt between my legs a pussy. I groan. Dean pushed me out of the house and throw my clothes after me. I went off and got drunk. I came home late and crashed on the sofa. Little Billy and Ellen are running around upstairs I can hear them arguing about something and realize that it is still early. I want to cry. This is a nightmare I hope it was all a nightmare but that dampness and the feel when I group my cunt tell me it all happened. I was fucking Lisa and ended up with her husband laughing at me as I scramble out of the house with my pussy between my legs. 

I stumble off the sofa I need to piss. I need to do a fucking piss. I go to the toilet and spending most the time wincing at the site and touch of my sloppy fuck hole. I hate the way it seems to spray around. I hate that when I stand up drips of piss cling to the lips of my twat. I grab some tissue and want to cry. My life is falling apart and that is before my wife finds out. Poppy is making some coffee in the kitchen when I get in there.

Why did you sleep on the sofa then? There is a perfectly good bed for you?” She says at me.

It was late.” I say.

Course it was.” She shouts to the kids that Amy will be here in 5 minutes. Amy is the neighbour who takes the kids to school. I hearing the thundering noise of them running around they come running into the kitchen and kiss me and Poppy and rush out of the house.

Is there any breakfast?” I ask.

Any breakfast? Well I don't know Jake? If you want breakfast you gonna have to make that yourself.” Fuck Poppy never speaks to me like this.

Fuck.” I say. I don't need this but I grab some pain killers. I look at the time. 7.50 am. I am not working till 9.00. I grab the coffee pot.

Where did you get to last night then?” Poppy says almost like she knows.

Just out with Ed I told you that?” I say drinking the bitter coffee and shuddering.

Mm. I smell something. It's bullshit.” She says.

Not now Poppy please.” I say.

Not now. Huh well when then. When you going to tell me you were fucking Lisa last night Jake. Still at least you won't be fucking anyone for a while huh Jake. When is a good time to tell me you lost your dick and your nuts. Do I LOOK like a fucking Dyke to you Jake.” She yells.

I look I...” I try to explain.

What pussy boy? What how you going to explain this away.” She steps in front of me and grabs at my pussy. It shocks me. I know what happened I know my dick has gone. But the reality hits.

You think I want to spend evenings bumping pussies with you? No you got what you deserved. I am going out to work and when I get back you better be gone and don't take anything that doesn't belong to you. I don't care where the fuck you go or what you do Jake. But you ain't staying here no more.”

I sit back down humiliated I feel the folds of my cunt rubbing against each other between my legs as I sit down and cry. 


The only place I could think of going to was to Cade's. Cade was my friend. He was single no kids and when I called him he told me to come right over. I didn't tell him the details he just assumed that I was leaving Poppy that maybe she caught me cheating and said I could have the spare room.

The next few days were terrible. I packed up a few things that morning and went over to Cade's place he was at work. I was really struggling. I had called into work and my boss had told me I was fine to take a couple of days off if I was sick. I may have been a lousy husband but I was fucking good at work and that paid off for once.

It was only when I sat down at Cade's a few clothes packed away and the quiet that I realized that I had a pussy between my legs. I mean I had pissed already but so much was going on I hadn't really had time to process it. I was sat down and as I clenched my thighs there were the lips and folds of a pussy between my legs. I stood up and walked around. My big ol dick and balls gone it felt strange. I needed to piss again and this time I took in the hairy cunt between my thighs. I looked at the strange folds of flesh the silly clit a tiny fake penis mocking me, it was bigger than any I had seen before and the head stuck out between my fuck lip.

Pissing like a bitch is humiliating having to squat and spray and the dribble piss all over yourself. It is horrible not at all like getting your dick out and spraying it around at your discretion like a hose pipe. This seemed girly, feminine and as I wipe the dribble piss away and pull up my boxers and wash my hands I start to cry. I cry like a fucking bitch.

Cade gets home and I managed to pull myself together and I had made some lasagne thought it was the least I could do and I popped out to the shops and got some stuff in. I remember walking round Albertsons and as I walked around that strange empty vulnerable feeling of fuck flaps between my legs. There was a guy round the fruit and veg section in flip flops and shorts and a tank top vest. I noticed how bulky he was and muscular. I watched as he bent over to look at some Kale and noticed how big and firm his ass was. I had never checked out a guy and I could have told myself I wasn't until I felt myself get wet. My fucking pussy was telling me it I was horny. He smiled at me and I walked off as quick as I could blushing and leaking with a cunt boner and my cunt wet and sloppy.

It was clear Cade had no idea of the real story of what happened. I knew he wasn't friendly with Dean or Lisa and I only gave him half a story. We shared a few beers and he was quite supportive told me he never really liked Poppy and to make sure that I didn't do anything too rash take my time find a place I was happy with and make sure she didn't fuck me over with the kids.

That night I slept in the spare room at Dave's I got undressed for bed and usually stripped right down I like to sleep naked but I left my boxers on tonight. I tossed and turned but the exhaustion overtook me and I slept in the end.

I woke up in a sweat. I was having a real strange dream and I thought I had a boner back when I woke up. I put my hands between my legs to grab it but there was nothing there but soaking wet folds of my cunt and my clit twitching and swollen. I was horny but I took my hands away real quick I didn't want that to be me. I wasn't ready to embrace my new sexual organ or what it meant.

After taking a piss and shower I potter round and call Poppy there is no answer. I message her and ask her about the Kids. Nothing. I potter around and clean up the house a little. I look at the back yard. The grass is over grown and I head back home and get the mower and pick up a few other tools. I head back to Cade's and clear his lawn. I notice it is nearly 4 and he is stood on his back porch watching me covered in sweat having recovered his garden.

Fuck Jake. That is awesome you didn't have to.” He smiles at me.

Beer!” He says. I walk across to him. I look at the back yard it looks amazing it has gone from an over grown wilderness to a useable area.

“Fuck yeah! I feel like I am on one of those make over shows.” I laugh and take a swig of the cold beer. “Sides I couldn't sit around all day. I was getting bored.” I chink bottles and we say cheers.

You ok?” He asks.

Not really but I will be thanks buddy. You off out tonight?” I ask it is a Friday and he works weekdays so I figure he may have plans. “No.”

You?” He asks.

No I am keeping a low profile. Pizza Night? My shout?” I say.

Fuck I could get used to this Jake.” He puts his arm around me. I notice his smile he has great teeth, full lips and a nice amount of stubble and a strong chin. I leak a little. Fuck Nooo! Even covered in sweat I am self conscious I am starting to worry about leaking. I do it far more than I really thought possible. It all seems a bit heavy as well.

We sit out side in the newly reclaimed back yard in a couple of garden chairs that I brought over and enjoy the night air. We have a little music, some beers and pizza. I like Cade's company I always did. I didn't get to spend anywhere near as much time with him the past couple of years. We would have our monthly guy night poker and beer with a few friends. I would usually go out with him once a month for a drinking session but we used to hang out all the time even when I got Poppy pregnant first time. I mean I was 20 she was 18 we didn't marry till Ellen was born 18 months later. We lived with Poppy's mum so I used to go out with my friends a lot more then it was really only the last couple of years that seemed to stop. Poppy liked to do things as a couple with other couples. That is how I met Lisa fuck!!

Fancy going out for some real drinking tomorrow Jake? Take your mind off things?” Cade asks.

Yeah I guess?” I want to say no that is the last thing I want but I don't want to make him suspicious. I am sure he will find out about me at some point but not yet. I can't face that now.

As he sits and chats to me and we drink and the air takes a bit of a cooler turn I notice how he spreads his legs. I notice the bulge between his legs. I think about the times I seen him naked at the gym and once or twice when we went skinny dipping. I think about his dark brown bush of pubic hair like mine. His dick was fat and smaller than mine. I never saw it hard. I wonder if he is much of a grower. He also had a foreskin which I thought was stranger. I feel myself get wet thinking about him as he chats and cross my legs. Fuck what the hell is wrong with me. I like my best friends stubble, his hairy legs, I am thinking about his cock and how big it gets. I can't believe this is who I am now.


The next day I finished off working in the garden clearing out some rubbish. I got the hedge trimmer and started to hack back some of the growth. It felt good standing around shirtless in the heat with a power tool but who was I kidding.

Cade showed little interest in helping but was appreciative. We ate and went out for a couple of drinks. I wasn't sure I wanted to but I was trying to keep up some semblance of a front of me being normal in front of my friend. We headed out to the sports bar it was pretty busy and for a while I was quite happy. It was only when a couple of chicks were at the bar and Cade suggested we head over and hit them up. I protested at first but he looked at me funny and then asked if I was ok. I lied and said yes.

Cade was pretty hopeless with chicks but he liked to act as a wingman for me. He loved how confident I was and how I could charm just about any chick into the sack, he couldn't do that and was always a bit shy round women. He would say to me he didn't understand women. He had dated a couple of women but things never really worked out. At one time I thought he might even be a fag not that I would care about that but there was just something about him and women.

I was talking and hitting on the blonde when I realized that I needed to ease off as she put her hand on my thigh and I realized that I could be outed as a pussy dude right here and now. I also looked at her and she was normally the kind of chick I would want to bang but she was leaving me cold. I went to the toilet to make a brief escape and plan how to extricate myself from the situation. Pretending to be the person I was only a couple of days ago was not an option. I need to think and get out of here and I need to piss. The bathroom is pretty busy and I really do need to piss I make my way to a stall. It is pretty gross. A sports bar stall on a busy Saturday night. I look at the piss all over the toilet and in the bowl and on the floor. Toilet paper on the floor. Fuck.

I spend a couple of minutes just making it clean enough around the seat just to sit down. I lower my pants and start to piss. Fuck men are pigs. I grab some tissue and wipe my dribbly pussy lips and head back to Cade I look around and thankfully the girls have gone. Part of me is relieved but part of me is sad how can this be me? I ask Cade what happened. He says he doesn't know he was telling them about all the work I had been doing on our back yard today.

As he tells me what he was saying to them. I start to laugh.

Did you tell them about the rainbow flag you have on your front porch?” I ask laughing at my clueless friend.

No because we haven't got a rainbow flag on our front porch. Duh!” He says.

Do we have one in our lovely newly reclaimed back yard.” I say.

You are a dick sometimes Jake we don't have one anywhere. Get me a beer.” He says.

I get one and then explain to him by saying that I was working on our back yard in our house they probably had us down for a couple of fags and made off. He laughs. I didn't think of it like that. He says.

We get back to Cade's and we are both pretty wasted. We had started do a few shots with our beers and Cade decided we needed an Uber that is how drunk we both were. We collapse onto his sofa and laugh and chat about Poppy and women in general. I am leaning against Cade. He says women are more trouble than they are worth and I am better off without Poppy.

Fuck em he says.” My head is on his chest he has a strong chest. I roll my head back so I am looking up at him.

You will be fine Jake.” My head is resting on his legs now my legs hanging over the edge of the sofa. He puts his hand on my forehead and gently strokes my hair. He smiles at me and I smile up at him. My pussy starts to throb and I feel warm oil leaking out of my fuck lips and running down my fuck flaps down between my ass cheeks.

If those chicks could see us now on our sofa they would be pretty convinced we are a couple of fags.” I say and laugh.

He takes his hand away. “Sorry buddy.” I say..

No don't be. It feels nice.” I say and grab his hand and put it back to my head.

In our home we can be a little bit faggy. Can't we?” I say to him and him laughs.


The next couple of weeks were a bit of a living nightmare. Poppy was difficult but at least she let me see Billy and Ellen they came over for the night last Friday. She dropped them off and didn't speak. I was pretty glad about that. Even though Cade was out. I don't want him knowing about my pussy. There was a chance she would blurt something out at some point. I needed to find a way to tell him but it was too embarrassing.

Work has been hard. I work as welder in a small fabrication company. We make bespoke pieces mostly for Oil companies. Rigs Derricks that kind of thing. The guys at work are pretty good. It is skilled blue collar guys. Coarse sometimes and while I never really noticed that before the talk of chicks and pussy and tits is difficult. I never realized how much I talked about pussy like it was a thing not attached to a person a thing to be fucked. Now I have one and I feel ashamed. I feel ashamed of the times I cheated on my wife the times I would just treat a chick like a bag of meat a literal cum dump.

I wince at some of the language but still laugh and joke along. The other thing that is hard is how hot some of the guys make me. I mean the other day I was working with Jason. He is a bit older than me but as we worked I noticed how muscular he is. He has a tattoo that goes up his neck and I found myself getting cunt boner as we worked together. His stubbly chiselled face, his smile.

The one who gets me most worked up though is Cade. I know that night he stroked my hair and held me, there is something there he isn't telling me. The other night as I was lying in bed we had spent the evening chatting and by the time I got bed I checked out the crotch of my pants they had a wet stain. My clit was buzzing. Fuck I was drenched with fuck batter. I sniffed it. It had a real musky smell. My cunt was fucking frothing slick and ready to take cock. I couldn't hold out any longer and decided to play with myself. At first it was not anywhere as easy as I thought. I squeeze my clit and wince. I try ramming my fingers into my hole and that doesn't feel so great. I soon work out that I need to work up to it. Tease myself pleasure myself. Take it easy.

It is the thoughts of Cade that help most the mental stimulation the memory of him caressing my hair. The smell of him the cheap axe he wears too much off. His muscles. His tall muscular body. The tattoo on his left arm and shoulder. I wonder what his hard cock is like I imagine it is fat maybe not too big but fat. Slowly stroking around my vag lips they feel firm and my clit buzzes. I play with it gently. I wonder what it would be like to kiss him our stubble grazing together. I work my hole gently but it is my clit that gets me more and more aroused.

The tiny nub of flesh, super sensitive and now super pleasurable. I work and work myself harder and harder and now I am really going for it. I am so close to something new. I don't know what to expect but the anticipation and the excitement of my impending bitchgasm gets me even more worked up. Is this what it is like to get fucked it feels so sensual and then my pussy seems to burst to life and I feel the walls of my pussy contract and vibrate as the overwhelming sensation blasts around me. I moan loudly. It seems to last for too long and is too intestine. It catches me by surprise and as I lay panting my pussy juice flowing and coming down from my orgasm. I smile. Shit I don't want a pussy but that wasn't too bad at all.

I drift off to sleep and the next day. I frig myself off in the shower. It was Friday evening I had been at Cade's for nearly three weeks now and I had been feeling a bit off. I thought it might be something I ate but all day I felt bloated. I had funny cramps like I had the shits or something and Cade and I stayed in. We talked and watched some sport. It was a hot evening and I went outside to sit in the cool night air with a beer.

I was wearing some grey sweat shorts and Cade came out and joined me eventually. We talked for a while and as I finished my beer. I offered to get him a new one. It was only when I got back to the decking he said.

Jake. Have you shit yourself or something there is something between your legs and you got like a something down your leg.” He said taking the beer off me.

I looked at my leg as I sat down. There was a long brown strip of dark brown on my leg. “Ugh!” I said. I picked at it and it flaked away like a scab. I looked between my legs and at first I couldn't see it but right between my legs was a dark brown reddish patch.

Oh fuck! Noo!” I flushed beet red and dropped my beer. “OH god.” I cried and went running to the bathroom. I pulled down my shorts and my briefs. I had to be wearing white briefs and there right in the crotch and up the ass of my shorts and briefs was the blood from my fucking period. “OH SHIT.”

Hey Jake are you ok?” I turn around. There is Cade. “Oh Dude. Oh Dude. I am sorry.” He turns around and rushes out of the bathroom. I stand there my pussy covered in bloody scabs clinging to my fucking pubes and fuck lips he saw my pussy.

I shower and cry. I am so ashamed. I can't face him. I stand in the shower for what seems like an age. I put my bloody clothes in the wash and stuff a load of tissue into my cunt and put on some dark briefs and hope I will be able to find some black shorts.

There is a knock on my bedroom door. “Go away. Please Cade not now.”

Ok. Hey Jake. It is ok. I knew something was wrong. I am just pleased it is nothing more serious. I thought you was sick or something. I got you some things here. I will leave you till you want to talk.” He says in the soft strong voice.

I go to my bedroom door. I open it and there is a bag. He must have run down to the 7 / 11 I pick it up and open it. I cry that fucker ran out and bought me some panty liners and tampons. 

I start to cry, Fuck I seem to cry all the fucking time. I try to work out the tampon and shove it into my bloody cunt. I can barely feel it but I know it is there inside me. I finally go out to see him. 

I tell him all about everything. I cry he holds me again and tells me it is ok. It will all be ok. As I sit there with his arm around me on the deck. I sigh and notice he has a huge bulge. I feel my bloody pussy throb and can tell that he is a grower that is a big bulge.


I wake up the next morning and take out my bloody tampon and shower. The water is hot and soothing. I hear Cade knock on the Bathroom door.

Hey Jake do you want any breakfast?” He shouts.

Sure that would be great.” I shout.

I dry myself off and plug up my hole and pull up the briefs they don't really work for panty liners but they will have to do. I put on my black shorts again and a Tee. Cade is making breakfast and we sit down and eat.

How you feeling? You ok?” He asks.

Not too bad I guess. Sorry to put all this one you.” I say. He grabs my hand.

Hey none of that. I don't care what you got between your legs. Your my friend and I love you.”

Thanks you are a good guy.” I say

I fucking know.” He says.

I gotta run a few errands but I was thinking maybe we just have a quiet night in tonight. I was thinking maybe a few steaks BBQ style?” He says.

You mean that rusty piece of shit in your garden?” I say.

No I am going to surprise you.” He says he walks past me and ruffles my hair.

Yeah right.”

He does surprise me though. I am mowing the back yard again and doing a bit of weeding when he comes back. “Hey come and help me with this would you.”

What is it?” I ask.

A new BBQ what else. I figure you spent time making this back yard nice I should well spend a little time on it. I also got some new chairs. You ready to help me put this together.” He says putting his arm around my shoulder.

We work on the garden furniture and the BBQ it all goes together pretty easy and Cade beams as he looks at his back yard. “Fuck it looks pretty good.” He says beaming.

We cook the steaks, I do us some country style potatoes, sweet corn, slaw Cade isn't much of a cook as I found out. He bought red wine which we are getting through very easily. I don't normally drink wine but this is going down well and then he gets out his bowl. I normally don't do weed but we settle down in the evening outdoors and chill. He bought a patio heater which we turn on and sit on the sofa style chair together to share the bowl. He puts his arm around me as we smoke.

You don't mind me doing this. I know I been a little tactile with you?” He says.

Do I look like I mind?” I say as I put my head on his shoulder. We share he bowl till it is done and he is stroking my hair again. Things go quiet the music is playing but we stop chatting. Then he says.

Jake. Can I kiss you you?”

I lift my head up. “I err. Cade. I don't really.” I stammer. I look at him his warm sparkling eyes. His full thick lips. His strong chin. I want to kiss him.

I am sorry I shouldn't have.... I am so dumb.... I just thought. Maybe something was..... I am sorry.” He stands up and I grab his hand. I stand up put my hand round the back of his head and pulls his face to mine.

I kiss him gently then harder and then harder. We stand kissing I feel his strong arms hold me tight. I know I am drunk and high but I know what I am doing. I grab at his dick it is hard and it feels so big. He takes my hand off his bulge. He stops kissing me.

Fuck Cade. Your dick is massive.” I say.

I err...it is pretty big.” He looks at me. “Maybe we shouldn't do this.”

Why.” I say.

Well I don't know. Thing is Jake. I always had a thing for you. I never let on because I mean you were never into guys but now it is like all my wank bank has been cashed in and....”

I am your wank bank?” I laugh.

He punches me. “Here sit down.” He grabs my hand. “Don't make fun of me. You bastard.” He says and laughs. “Ok so maybe not all my wank bank but I always was attracted to you and now well now we are kissing and I am scared that. I won't measure up.” I laugh.

I think that won't be a problem.” I say fuck what have you got down there. I say.

Well that is part of the problem. Some chicks they can't take it on account of how big it is?” He says and blushes. “And lets be honest you are pretty new to all this and I would be your first and this would hurt. I just oh I don't know.”

Hey.” I kiss his cheek. “Can I see it?” I ask.

OH I guess.” He unzips his fly and flops out the biggest dick it is fat and has to be at least 10 inches long.

“Oh MY GOD! Fuck Cade that is well big.” I say my cunt feels empty and hot and wet at the sight. I never wanted anything so badly. 

He goes to put it back but I kiss him and grab it. It feels big in my hands. I mean I was big but this is massive and thick. It is not cut and the head of his dick has the fold of skin of his foreskin.

Are you sure about this?” He says.

Well you are not making me touch your dick. Cade. It is big. Actually Cade it is massive.” I smile at him and jerk it a little he spreads his legs and leans back and I start to work the shaft and head.

I stand up and get on my knees between his legs. “You are not going to try that are you?”

I look up at him. My pussy drips with hot wet juice I am really fucking horny and Cade's big fat club of a dick has given me real cunt boner and purpose. I was always sexual when I had a dick and I guess with my pussy I am just as sexual. I lick the big head. I sniff it. It is musky a little bit and that turns me on. I lick around and under the foreskin and pull that back tight. That is novel and really gets my juices flowing.

I lick the shaft. I stop and look up at him. “Look take your pants down I want to sniff and lick your balls a bit.” I say to him.

He laughs. “Fuck Jake you are so romantic.”

Yeah and you fucking love it. Come on big boy. Fuck Cade who knew all these years I thought maybe you were shy and here you with a fucking baseball bat dick.” He pulls down his shorts and sets his bull size balls free.

Fuck They are big as well. I guess I never noticed your nuts before I suppose that was because I never planned on putting them in my mouth. Oh well here goes.” I say and then I sniff his crotch and lick his balls. I take the head of his dick in my mouth and work his thick shaft. My jaw aches and it is harder work than I thought. I work him up for a good 10 minutes and sit next to him on the bench chair.

He kisses me. “Thanks.” He says. “How was your first time sucking cock.” He asks and laughs.

Stand up I want to kiss you.” He says. I stand up and notice I am taller than him but not much. He looks clean shave but as our mouths meet I feel the graze of his scruff coming in his hand pulls my face close to his as his tongue pushes into my mouth and I feel hot molten pussy juice leak out of my need cunt as I melt in his embrace. 

So how do you feel about spending the night in my bed tonight?” He says.

I err.. Well as long as.” I can't speak my cunt dripping wet with anticipation his fat cock still hard. He puts his dick away and chuckles. 

"Good lets have a night cap. " He says. 

We kiss and cuddle drink a little more red and finally we head to bed. We shower together and I go to put in a clean tampon. As we dry each other down we head into his bedroom naked and he is still rock hard. We make out in bed and I feel his hand run down to my pussy.

Lie on your back. He says to me. I roll onto my back spread your legs. He says and I do.

You can't fuck me I am not ready.” I say.

No maybe so but I am going to eat you out.” He says as he moves between my legs.

Oh god no Cade I am on the fucking rag dude.” I say

I know that is fucking hot.” He says and I feel him tug on my tampon string.

You dirty fucker.” I say and I wince as I feel his light stubble and tongue trace along my thigh but as his tongue meets the flaps of my cunt and then start to circle my clit I feel the waves of sexual pressure rise. “I suppose if you don't mind I shouldn't.” I giggle as he eats at my cunt.

He knows how to eat pussy and before long he is sucking hard on my clit and I am I grinding my bleeding cunt into his face hard and screaming.

OH fuck suck it harder. OH FUCK!! OH GOD CADE. I am gonna cum. OH FUCK!”

I cum and shake and he moves up to me and goes to kiss me. “Gross.” I say but grab his head and kiss him fuck.

We lie and laugh and finally I jerk him off. It takes a while and my arm aches. He doesn't need lube which I am shocked about but that makes it easier. He is taking forever so I try some anyway. This is hard work this guy got more stamina that me, or the old me. 

As he gets real close he stands up and finishes off cumming on my face. I touch his spunk and taste it and lick his dick clean.

We lie together. “So how is the wank bank. I think you just made a deposit." I say and we both laugh.

He laughs. “Not bad. I didn't expect you to be so slutty.” He says as he rolls me on to my side and spoons me.

Slutty? Fuck you haven't fucked me? Yet.”

Yet.” He laughs.


The next morning I wake up to a wonderful surprise he is eating me out again and I cum when he starts to finish me off with a finger fuck. We kiss and shower and as we wander around half naked making breakfast. I am making some bacon and he is stood behind me and we both turn around.

Fuck Jake. You have a pussy two minutes and you already whoring around.” It is Poppy with the kids.


I was pretty pissed she showed up like that and even more pissed that the kids saw me kissing another guy not because I was ashamed but because they needed to get used to the fact Daddy had a new boyfriend. Even daddy had to get used to the fact that a month ago I was fucking another guys wife and cheating on my own wife and now I am fooling around with my best friend sucking and jerking off his baton of a dick and thinking about how I can stuff that club into my virgin cunt. That is a talk that needs work before it is kid friendly. Even a shit like me knows that.

Still Cade was great with the Kids and Poppy needed to go to her mums some emergency of some kind. Ellen and Billy are only 5 and 6. They ask when I am coming back but they really don't seem to mind the situation they take a simple explanation and play.

I apologise to Cade but he loves the kids He is the one who suggested we all go out to the park he swings them and pushes them on the roundabout. When we get back to the house he kick a ball around in the garden with them. I make us all some dinner it is all a bit domesticated but I sort of like the role reversal.

The few weeks I spend sleeping in Cade's bed. We have a pretty nice routine going. I work early and finish early he is on a 7 to 4 gig. So we are pretty much on the same hours. The kids are back with Poppy and I get them every other weekend. We come to an arrangement over money and I agree to a divorce. We have little personal contact.

Up till now Cade and I are just fooling around. He has got pretty good at eating me out and finger fucking me. I am getting better at jerking him off and sucking him off although the guy has staying power and can last way longer than my jaw or arms. We split the chores I do the cooking the garden and he cleans and does laundry.

It seems so strange how quick we settled into a domestic routine. I think back to the problems with Poppy the arguments about going out about, putting down the toilet seat, the arguments about mess and not helping out the constant bickering that started and never ended. I can't believe how much I have changed in just such a short space of time.

It is a couple of months now. Autumn has set in and we are inside on Friday. Cade is shuffling round and while we are sharing a bottle of red and a beef pot roast dinner I can tell he is building up to asking me something.

Listen Jake do you think you will ever be able to let me fuck you.” He blurts out.

I nearly spit out a mouthful of wine. “Well Jake I don't know as sexual offers go that was pretty tempting.” I laugh at him.

Look it's not like I haven't thought about it. I think about it a lot Cade. It is just that I am scared.”

Scared? Because it might hurt?” He says.

Well yes quite honestly. I mean I know it will hurt at first but what if it always hurts what if I can't fuck you. I am also scared about what that means for me. I mean I know I am not the man I used to be but getting fucked in my pussy just seems. What if I get knocked up for god sake. Look I know how you feel trust me. I am surprised you waited this long to bring it up. I am scared of not being a man any more, scared of messing things up with you scared of not being able to have sex with you in the way you want and losing you. I am scared you won't love me any more if we find out I really can't take your dick. I am scared because I love you and I don't want to lose that.” I say and realize that in that moment I have exposed myself to Cade in a way I never expected. I feel a small tear roll down my cheek. I feel like a dam burst and all my emotions are out plus I am having my period and that seems to affect me hormones.

He stands up and walks over to me. “Jake I have loved you for 10 years or more and we never once had sex in all that time. I don't think this will change that.”

I start to sob and he holds me. He squeezes me I kiss.

So can I fuck you later? Then?” He says.

Fuck you.” I say as he laughs at me.

That night I did let him fuck me. It was a total disaster I lowered myself down on to him and had to give up. The pain was unbearable and he was only half way inside me. There was also some blood on his dick from my virginity.

I never felt likes such a failure. I had failed on every level. I couldn't suck him off. I had only jerked him off once to completion and now this. Sex for me had always been so easy. It didn't require thought at all in fact it was one of the most thoughtless things I ever did.

He was so calm and loving and that only made it worse. However, as the weeks went on with patience, lube, a couple of dilators and exercises and weed I finally was there.

I lowered myself down on to him and as I did he was going in and it felt good and finally he was all the way in. “Oh my god. Don't move.” I said.

I never felt so strange in all my life his dick felt enormous like it was splitting me in two. Fat and thick and straining and stretching my walls. “How does it feel” He said.

Good.” Was all I said. “I should have told him it felt amazing because it did. The effort had been worth it. This was not the first time he got inside me but it was the quickest easiest and a big step forward.


It took a bit of effort over the next few weeks and it was the weekend before Thanksgiving. Cade had seen something on Youtube about deep frying the Turkey this led to an argument about him wanting to deep fry the Turkey I said he wouldn't be able to do that without burning down the house he could barely make a hot pocket without a disaster.

We came up with a compromise that he would do it in the back yard and went to bed. I think the whole argument had got me more hot and bothered than I cared to admit and I was pretty wet. I climbed on top of his huge fuck stick and slid right onto in one go. It surprised me. He began thrusting up gently and before I knew it I had my first orgasm from getting fucked. This was from deep inside of me and surprised me and I could tell by the look on his face and the big smile it surprised him.

I was a babbling mess of white hot bliss whatever he had done before was nothing compared to this my wet hot pussy creaming around his fat dick. My vag walls stretched stuffed and plugged and my quivering orgasm not centered on my clit but almost my gut. He let me ride out the orgasm before he rolled us over.

Oh god be gentle.” I yelled his full weight on top of me and for the first time I felt impaled he was going to fuck me. I could see it in his eyes.

No!” He laughed. “I am finally going to fuck. I think you are going to enjoy this.” He pulled back out of my dripping wet hole and slid his dick back in. He began to thrust in and out but slowly gently each time sliding out a little more and plunging in a little more till he was now fucking me. I felt amazing.

“Ooh God Cade. That feels so good. Your cock it feels soo... OH GOD!!”

He smiled and kissed me. “Yeah. You like that Jake. You like it tell me baby tell me how much.”

Oh Cade. I am cumming again.” I squealed. My voice high pitched as I literally came a second time. Now he was fucking me harder and faster working my hole like never before. This was getting fucked, this was making love, this was sex and it felt amazing.

OH Cade I love you Cade. I love this. Fuck me harder Cade.” He did.

I loved it my body literally ached with pleasure and he worked my cunt like a master. I came again . He smiled. “You want me to cum in you baby?” He said.

Oh god yes. Cade. Cum in my hole.” I panted.

You sure. You want me to knock you up? Put a baby in that belly?” I felt his cock fucking me.

“Yes Cade. God yes. Knock me up. I want your baby so bad.” I watched as his body moved angle slightly.

God I love you. Jake.” He said. His face contorted and my cunt stretched wider than ever. I could feel his hot baby juice filling me up and I was scared. I could get small man tits, I could get fat. I could get pregnant and I wanted that so badly.

He lay on top of me for a while kissing me. “Fuck Jake that was so good I know it took a while but I loved that.” He rolled out of me and his spunk farted and squelched. His hot baby batter mixed with my pussy cream.

Did you mean it do you want a baby?” He asked.

Yes. Cade if you do? I would love to have kids with you.”

Good. I am getting a beer do you want one?” He said.

Yes I guess that wasn't the romantic thing I was expecting.” I say.

No I need one because I am thirsty and if I am going to knock you up I am going to need to fuck you another few times tonight is that alright with you mommy.” He said.

Yes and don't call me mommy.” I said.


We had a bit of a double blow. When I did get Pregnant. Poppy was arrested on drugs charges she had started dealing drugs for her new boyfriend and they got busted. She thought I was bad he was a real mean bastard. That meant I had Billy, Ellen and a baby on the way. I gave up work and Cade and I tied the knot quietly with a justice of the peace and a couple of friends.

Being a full time mum and pregnant was easy. I actually enjoyed it. Sure the aches and the pains. The morning sickness the swollen ankles, sore back, getting fat, getting man tits. Cade loved the man tits. In fact I just loved the idea of Cade's child growing inside of me. I never really cared much when Poppy had Billy and Ellen. Mostly she just moaned and it turned me off. Plus she wasn't having sex with me so I was having sex with someone else behind her back. I couldn't understand why she hadn't wanted sex being pregnant made me hornier than ever. 

That toxic life seems so far away. I bumped into Dean when I was grocery shopping. I was 6 months pregnant and he laughed at me.

Didn't take you long? I guess once a slut always a slut.” He laughed.

Actually I couldn't be happier thanks.” I said “Give me regards to Lisa.” I said.

I knew they had split up. I heard him mutter bitch and I couldn't tell if he was talking about me or his ex. 

I was happy being pregnant. The only thing I really missed was having a drink but Cade made that easier by not drinking either. He wouldn't touch a drop. He was more attentive than ever. I am not sure how we made that transition from friendship to lovers in such a quick seamless way. Maybe I always loved him I don't know but he was amazing. As much as I loved being pregnant giving birth was horrendous and amazing.

I was out in the back yard putting in a few plants. I know I shouldn't have been but I feel a strange powerful cramp and then I feel a flash of hot wet fluid splashing onto the floor pushing out of my pussy.

OH SHIT!!” I scream. It was shocking like doing the biggest piss ever.

My waters broke.

Cade is around and rushes me and the kids to the hospital it is only two weeks early and it feels strange at first I just have funny pains like I have the shits just silly cramps and pain in my back just a horrible dull ache. Cade stands and hold my hand at times I feel funny inside a bit like I am on some sort of spinning ride and my stomach keeps lurching. I am surprised how easy this all seems. 

But as the time moves on it feels like I have a weight deep inside only the weight is getting bigger and pushing down real deep and it goes from unpleasant to outright fucking painful. The pressure comes in ever increasing waves and I feel tense trying to brace for the increasing pain until it gets to a point where I am just in pain and the pressure seems unbearable. The baby is pushing down inside me and ripping me apart from inside. It is heading against my cervix and it fucking hurts.

The pain is over whelming at times. Almost crippling. I pant and sweat. The waves of pain and pressure inside of me get worse and I want this to end. It is never ending a drum beat that gets faster and stronger and more intense. 

Cade keeps telling me “I love you!” he says.” and squeezes my hand. He tells me that it isn't going to be much longer. I swear at him and then I feel something different the pain changes. Still intense but is is lower. I grip his hand.

Oh God Cade it is coming. I can feel him my baby is moving. It is like I have done all I can and I just have to ride out the pain as the baby slips into my vagina then the head pushes out along with all the after birth.

The walls of my pussy are stretched and torn and it hurts but is a relief as painful as this is I know it is over I have given birth. I feel overwhelmed and cry with pain, relief and love. The baby wriggles out of my stretched pussy. The nurse grabs at him the fluids of the after birth and shit and blood are disgusting but I never felt so happy as my snatch closes.  

Cleaned up and clamping down on my tit I feel the baby suckle at first I worry but the baby is feeding. I feel the drips of milk run down my chest when baby stops suckling.

What are we going to call him? "I ask Cade.

I don't know I think you can chose the name for this one. I want to chose the name for our next baby.” He says.

You really are not that funny Cade.”

Yes I am” he says.

I think there may be a few more. I think to myself as I hold my baby and look at my man.


  1. Wow oh wow what an amazing story u really do have a gift for Story telling, that story was brilliant and I can’t wait for more, I do hope u do another story that has many chapters in it

  2. Oof, you always make these so hot! Thank you!


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